Pizza People, a New Cloud Kitchen Is Perfecting Pinsas

The Roman-style pizza, which includes a dough preparation process that takes place over several days, can be found at Ciao Verdé Italia.

Ciao Verdé Italia

What to Know

  • Ciao Verdé Italia; West LA is open and Larchmont is on the way
  • The plant-based cloud kitchen has several versions of pinsa, an "authentic Roman-style pizza"
  • Delivery only, through multiple platforms

Pizza delivery? It's a concept we're all familiar with, and have been, well, for decades.

In fact?

It would be simple to argue that dough-strong, sauce-covered pies, the kind of foodstuffs that show up on your doorstep enclosed inside easy-to-pop boxes, are among the original deliver-to-your-home eats.

They're certainly among the most popular choices on the delivery circuit.

But what if the restaurant making them wasn't of the brick-and-mortar variety but rather was a "cloud kitchen"? Meaning that, yes, your pizza pie would be baked inside a real restaurant's oven, but the eatery creating the pies existed solely in the delivery sphere?

Cloud kitchens were on the rise well before the pandemic changed our dining patterns, and they're looking like tried-and-true staples of the future.

And one of the newest on the proverbial block, though it doesn't exist on an actual block? Meet Ciao Verdé Italia, a fresh concept in vegan Italian food.

The eatery, which was founded by the team behind Holy Cow BBQ and Rooster's Chicken House, just launched earlier in January, and it has something special and especially savory on its menu: the pinsa.

The Roman-style pizza, which includes a dough prep process that spreads out over three days, has a crunchy outside and an inside that is comparable to a... cloud.

Which makes it an ideal dish for a cloud kitchen to take on.

Some of your pinsa choices include the Bianco, which includes Béchamel sauce, Parmigiano, and mozzarella, and the Margherita, a classic basil, tomato, and mozzarella pie.

There are picks beyond the pinsa, too, including pastas, greens, and starters, too, like roasted brussel sprouts and NoNo Meatballs.

Keep in mind that cloud kitchens, while not officially brick-and-mortar'd, do have regions they generally cover. The West LA outpost for Ciao Verdé Italia is now open, and Larchmont is due to debut soon.

Find the brand-new to-go restaurant on GrubHub, Postmates, and other delivery platforms.

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