Play a Joyful Part in a Colossal Artwork

Poetic Kinetics will include your message, one that incorporates the themes of "when this is over," or "what if we had," in the fluttery piece.

Markus Eberhardt

What to Know

  • Submit a message for inclusion in a Poetic Kinetics artwork
  • The themes are "when this is over" and "what if we had"
  • The more messages submitted, the larger the piece

The creative, imagination-driven collective known as Poetic Kinetics?

You surely know the group's gargantuan art pieces, especially if you called upon Pershing Square in 2016, or Marina del Rey in 2018, or the Coachella Music & Art Festival in 2014 and again in 2019, where the collective's iconic astronaut kept quiet watch over the throngs of revelers.

Now the LA-based art-makers are turning their sights on a new project, one that both looks ahead and dreams big.

"Change in the Air" is the name, and it will flutter for Washington D.C. at some point down the road.

And we do mean "flutter": Like some of past projects in the Poetic Kinetics portfolio, a sizable Skynet will be involved, meaning thousands of distinct and colorful streamers will lend the piece motion as it moves with each breeze.

Your part in this project?

You're invited to submit a looking-to-the-future message, one that can be included on a streamer.

The themes are topical and on many minds at the moment: Take a moment to mull "when this is over..." and "what if we had..." before submitting your response.

"The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to slow down and evaluate what we need most, what we miss, and what we’d like our future to hold. We invite you to reflect on this moment with us and share your feelings about the present and the time ahead," reads a message on the Poetic Kinetics Instagram.

Something nifty? "How big the piece gets will be up to you! Every message submitted will make this artwork larger in size."

"With your participation, we’ll create a stunning representation of our collective voice: a symbol of hope and unity to mark this moment in time," is the come-together word from the group.

If you've been thinking future thoughts, specifically about "when this is over" and what we can do to make the world even better, share them now with Poetic Kinetics.

And if you'd like to see Patrick Shearn putting some moving messages on streamers that will be included in the artwork, check out Instagram at 1 p.m. on May 15.

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