Play Ball! ‘The Sandlot' Is Back for Its Big 25th

The diamond of a classic slides home, and into select theaters, for two days only.

What to Know

  • July 22 and 24
  • 1 and 4 p.m. on Sunday and 2 and 7 p.m. on Tuesday
  • Several SoCal theaters

It's often said that the holiday season is by far the most nostalgic time of year, a notion that holds some water... er, egg nog.

But there's a certain moment in the summertime, just a few weeks after the season's start but before the true dog days arrive, when our longing for the outdoorsy, kid-like fun we once knew is especially profound.

Ice cream cones help us address that particular summertime longing, and the occasional dash through a sprinkler. But movies, too, can zip us to an earlier day, when choices seemed simpler and the day stretched in front of us, with only the perfect promise of a pick-up baseball game ahead.

"The Sandlot," the kidly classic that's become oh-so-quotable since its 1993 release, understood that our collective nostalgia rises as the mercury also rises.

Did you grow up loving the baseball-themed gem?

A flick that features a line-up of sweet 'n sassy kids sailing through the shoals of friendship, all while occasionally squabbling and usually getting along? And, of course, playing a lot of neighborhood ball at, where else, the local sandlot?

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Best find where "The Sandlot" will screen on Sunday, July 22 and Tuesday, July 24, for Fathom Events and Twentieth Century Fox are bringing back the baseball favorite for four screenings at select theaters.

It's all to honor the diamond of a movie's big 25th anniversary year.

In a world of strike-outs, we keep searching for the homeruns, especially in the summer, when we long to revisit long-gone pastimes, and films that depict those pastimes.

Grab your glove and hat, or at least buy at ticket, now, to this nostalgic celebration, a special two-day event that also includes a making-of documentary.

You're killing me, Smalls!

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