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Plucky Pups to Sassily Strut at the National Bulldog Beauty Contest

Other pups are invited to compete in several quirky categories, so sweet.

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What to Know

  • 18th Annual National Bulldog Beauty Contest, presented by Haute Dogs
  • Free to see, $10 per dog to enter
  • Sunday, Feb. 19 at Rosie's Dog Beach in Long Beach

Call them wrinkles, call them folds, or label them in the way they were truly meant to be labeled: luscious layers of pure love.

However you describe the cute creases that give your Bulldog such incredible character, you know that these wrinkles are a major part of what makes him so wonderful.

And bringing his wrinkly wonderfulness to the canine-loving community? You can, when the National Bulldog Beauty Contest returns to the red carpet at Rosie's Dog Beach on Sunday, Feb. 19.

The Long Beach bash is marking its 18th anniversary, which means plenty of pups have snarfled their way into countless human hearts. One of those humans, Justin Rudd, created the event as a way to honor his Bulldog Rosie and all pups, be they bullish or not.

For the Bulldog Beauty Contest features a number of categories fashioned for Fidos that don't qualify as Bulldogs, including Best Young Dog, Best Senior Dog, Best Small Dog, and Best Large Dog.

Oh yes, and there are two categories to consider for those Bulldog buffs thinking about entering: English Bulldogs and French Bulldogs.

Whichever wrinkly wonders win the top prizes, you can count on a sunshine-filled day full of memorable snapshots, admiring cuddles, and the occasional costume, too (though this isn't a traditional costumed event).

Stopping by to watch the furry fun is free, while entering your pooch in advance is ten bucks (and that will cover your dog for multiple categories).

The Haute Dogs organization, which is helmed by Mr. Rudd, is the group behind the Howl'oween Parade and Long Beach's other large-scale pup struts; for more information trot by this site pronto.

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