Pop-up Mini Golf Bar Swings for SoCal

Hole 19 will offer stylish cocktails and classic putt-putt.

What to Know

  • March 15 through May 25, 2019
  • 314 N. Harper Ave.
  • 18+ on Thursdays (no alcohol served); 21+ Fridays-Sundays

Even if you're not a golfer, you likely have heard of the 19th hole.

Since courses traditionally contain 18 holes, guessing at what that 19th hole might be, if you don't know, won't require a difficult swing on your part: It's the place where golfers gather, post-golf, to discuss, celebrate, commiserate, raise a beer, and plan the next date on the green.

But what if that fabled location was actually a mash-up between a bar and miniature golf? And didn't exist at the end of an 18-hole course but in the heart of a city?

It would be called Hole 19, and it would swing into the north Beverly Grove area, just south of West Hollywood, for a two-month stay. Make that two months, plus a few days, as the pop-up is debuting on March 15, with a prospective closing date of May 25.

Will you need to don your plaid pants and golfer's hat to enter?

Well, the plaid pants are up to you, but it is an indoor affair, at 314 N. Harper Ave., and solely a weekend-time lark, too.

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Which means this: It's open from Thursdays through Sundays. The vibe is 18+ on Thursdays, meaning no alcohol will be served, while Hole 19 goes 21+ on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Brunch will be served, too, on Saturdays and Sundays, if you like brunching and nabbing those birdies (and avoiding those bogeys).

If you're not a bruncher, food trucks'll pop by to keep your golfing get-up-and-go (read: your energy) strong.

A ticket is $25.

As for the appearance of the course itself? There are no candy-color features or kid-cute elements here, nope. Instead, think "overgrown British golf club covered in greenery, woods, and vines." Some "rusted golf carts" will appear, here and there, to add to the atmos.

In the clubhouse area, there shall be televisions showing sports, four of 'em, as well as a selection of "local brews and cocktails."

Is this your kind of pop-up? A little sportsy showmanship and a sip at the conclusion of it all? All without leaving the city for some country club or outside-of-town course?

Pip pip over to this pop-up's page for your ticket. Just be sure, duffers, to keep in mind that Hole 19 is a grown-up destination, much like every other 19th hole in the world.

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