Porto's Has Delicious Roscitas in Honor of Three Kings Day

The individual Rosca de Reyes cakes are now available for in-car pick-up, but do order ahead.

Porto's Bakery & Cafe

What to Know

  • Porto's Bakery locations
  • Available for in-car pick-up (do order ahead)
  • $2.45 each

A whole cake is a thing of joy and beauty, but an individually sized cake, one that is just yours?

Cue the rainbows, the shooting stars, the applause, the swelling of music, and every delightful emotion a decadent, single-portion'd dessert can deliver.

For you can eat at your own pace, and you can finish the entire thing, and if the other people you're sitting alongside also have individual cakes, you'll sense a spirit of cake-y comity in the room.

With that in merry mind, Porto's Bakery is now selling the Roscita, a made-for-one-person version of the grand and traditional Rosca de Reyes cake.

This mini take on the hallowed confection seen when Three Kings Day draws near includes all of the hallmarks you want and anticipate in the late-December, early-January treat, from candied fruits (oh yum, it's guava and orange) to an almond-y paste.

And the dough that holds all of the deliciousness together?

It's a brioche, one that's "buttery," making it a perfect complement to the snack's zingy orange peel and almond-deep notes.

The cost for this smaller, made-just-for-you take on the Rosca de Reyes? It's $2.45, and you can order it, for in-car pick-up, at your local Porto's Bakery.

This holiday dessert is only available for pick-up (not shipping) at Porto's Bakery, do note, and when the Epiphany concludes following the Jan. 6 observance?

You'll need to look ahead to the end of 2021, when this seasonal treasure of a sweet returns to local bakeries.

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