Porto's People, It's Time for Turkey & Gravy Potato Balls

You can get these golden orbs of fall-yummy goodness delivered, too.

Porto's Bakery & Cafe

What to Know

  • $16.99 for a dozen
  • Porto's Bake at Home
  • Tres Leches Milk N Berries, and other Porto's classics, are also available through the site

A Thanksgiving plate, heaped with all the traditional trimmings, is often the most decked-out dish of the year.

But sometimes?

A smaller and ultra-savory mouthful is all you want, especially in a season famed for its extreme indulgence.

You can pull off a tiny piece of turkey and tear some roll to create that petite mouth-popper of a bite, or you can look to one of Southern California's most beloved restaurant chains and the company's most beloved item.

It's Porto's Bakery & Cafe we're rhapsodizing over, and its ultra-extraordinary orb o' hearty happiness, the Potato Ball.

And while Potato Balls are available all year long at Porto's, which has locations in Burbank, Glendale, and a few other spots around the region, something special rolls onto the T Day table come November: The Turkey & Gravy Potato Ball, a toothsome take on its year-round counterpart.

And for sure: There is a definite potato element to this savory sphere, so worry not.

This is what you'll enjoy with each nourishing nibble, straight from the order page: "Porto’s famous potato puree filled with turkey breast slowly braised with mirepoix, fresh sage, and white wine and smothered with a porcini mushrooms turkey gravy. Breaded with a Panko coating and deep-fried to a golden brown."

And they're available now, for delivery, through Porto's Bake at Home.

"Although this was developed for fans outside of the LA area, this delivery option is perfect for Angelenos to take advantage of during the pandemic and enjoy a safe and delicious feast," shared the Porto's team.

They sell for $16.99 for a dozen, but if you think you're going to devour most of that dozen, and you have a Porto's-obsessed paramour in the house, better place a couple of orders.

Also? You'll need to place a minimum of two orders if you go through Porto's Bake at Home rather than picking your goodies up at a Porto's restaurant.

There are other Porto's favorites on the delivery site, including the bestselling Tres Leches Milk N Berries cake and Pastel del Carne, for the meat pie mavens in your household.

Check everything out, and get your order in soon, if you'd love a pyramid of perfect Turkey & Gravy balls to sit at the center of your Thanksgiving table.

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