Porto's Seafood Potato Ball Is Here (but Only Through Easter)

You can order the savory seasonal goodie for in-car pick-up at a Porto's bakery or through Porto's Bake at Home.

Porto's Bake at Home

What to Know

  • $16.99 per dozen (unbaked/frozen) through Porto's Bake at Home
  • $1.59 each or $19.08 a dozen at a Porto's bakery (in-car pick-up)
  • Available through Sunday, April 4, 2021

A Porto's potato ball, one of Southern California's most sung-of, celebrated, and obsessed-over foodstuffs, is a perfect treat unto itself, delivering spicy depth, beefy kick, creamy mouthfeel, and a bread-beautiful crispiness to complement the soft character of the ball's potato-y core.

So to call it an ideal blank canvas for other flavors, ingredients, and appetizing elements?

We would do the papa relleno a true disservice to say such a thing.

And yet the Porto's potato ball can winningly welcome cuisine-cool cameos, like the Thanksgiving-themed snack that appears on the SoCal company's menu each fall.

And come the spring? Hello, devoted seekers of seafood delights that also boast a carb-y dimension: Your ultimate potato ball is in the house.

And on the Porto's Bake at Home line-up, too, meaning that you can have a dozen Porto's Bake at Home seafood potato balls shipped to your place.

They'll be unbaked and frozen, keep in mind, but you can heat them up whenever you're craving a briny bite.

For inside this marvelous mouth-popper?

Porto's signature potato puree is still a central feature, but so is a savory seafood ragout boasting calamari, shrimp and scallop, as well as garlic, cilantro, lemon zest, and tomato sauce, too.

The company suggests it as a lovely Lenten foodstuff, one that can be enjoyed through the Easter season.

And Easter? It's also the final day to enjoy this limited-time classic. In 2021, Easter Sunday is April 4, so you have time to place your order, if you'd like to serve it for the holiday.

But if you don't want to go the bake-at-home route, you can always place an order at your local Porto's bakery for in-car pick-up.

It's hard to dedicate too many odes to an appetizing orb that proves to be, time and again, so versatile.

From turkey in November to seafood during Lent to perfect potato-ness throughout the calendar, this Porto's icon fills our calendar with mashed marvelousness and zesty zing.

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