Pretty Peaks, Frosted With Snow, Thrill California Skiers

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Christian Pondella/MMSA
Dramatic mountain: Mammoth picked up over four feet of snow on Dec. 14, 2021
Some 53 inches fell during the storm. (Christian Pondella/ MMSA)
More snow is expected before the week is done. (Christian Pondella/ MMSA)
A Mammoth Lakes pup takes in the chilly scene. (Dakota Snider/ MLT)
Wherever you're driving this holiday season, be sure to have chains at the ready if you're venturing into a snowy territory (or one that could get snow). (Peter Morning / MMSA)
A Mammoth Mountain parking lot was transformed into a winter wonderland. (Peter Morning / MMSA)
Cold, cloudy, and beautiful: These are the slopes skiers will look forward to visiting in the coming weeks. (Peter Morning / MMSA)
"Avalanche danger in the Eastern Sierra is extreme right now. Those venturing into the back or side country should exercise extreme caution. Extensive mitigation work within the resort boundaries may delay the opening of terrain as crew's work to safely open new lifts and trails," advises the Mammoth Mountain team. (Peter Morning / MMSA)
A holiday wreath, laden with snow, adds a festive touch to the Mammoth Lakes sign. (Peter Morning / MMSA)
A snowy scene in Mammoth Lakes. (Dakota Snider/ MLT)
A foot of snow fell at Big Bear Mountain Resort, a few hours south/southeast of Mammoth Mountain. (courtesy of BBMR)
The Big Bear destination has a base depth of 24-38". (courtesy of BBMR)
Sun and snow: Visitors should carry chains, pack warmly, and prepare for stunning scenes like this one over the holiday season. (courtesy of BBMR)
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