Primo's Cranberry Doughnuts Are a Tart Thanksgiving Treat

The holiday fruit meets the morning treat at the Sawtelle pastry shop.

Erica Mae Allen

What to Know

  • Cranberry-filled jelly doughnuts and a cranberry maple bacon Long John
  • Available through Thanksgiving (Primo's is open through noon on Thanksgiving Day; pre-order your doughnuts before stopping by)
  • 2918 Sawtelle Boulevard

Gravy is creamy and mashed potatoes are chunky and turkey is savory and sweet potato casserole is velvety.

But there's only one tart star on the Thanksgiving table, a burstable, bite-sized orb that can arrive in jellied form, or a sauce, or nearly whole (with some sugar or sweetness added, to take off that tangy edge).

It's the cranberry, the berry of winter, a small fruit that stands tall on tables as fall begins to bid its final farewell.

And if you're a cranberry lover, it can be challenging to find the flavorful, oh-so-juicy gem outside of its jellied can-like shape or drizzle-on sauces.

But good news: If you swing by Primo's Donuts on Sawtelle ahead of Thanksgiving, or on Thanksgiving morning before noon, you'll find two cranberry doughnuts to choose from: A jelly doughnut filled with cranberry character and a Long John that is both cranberry-y and full of maple kick.

Do pre-order though, before you reach the shop.

The jelly gem is two bucks, while the maple bacon bar is $3.60. Something sweet? There are other holiday doughnuts available, if you're not quite craving cranberries.

Get there soon, for when Thanksgiving arrives the cranberry doughnuts roll away.

What we're saying is this: Best not get "bogged" down if you're looking for a different spin on this terrifically tart favorite, one that helps to balance some of the heavier dishes of Thanksgiving dinner.

Is cranberry about to have its day on the "I didn't know you could use it that way" stage? It's rich red hue and tart-sour kapow really make it a stand-out, especially in a season where heartier comfort foods reign.

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