Primo's Donuts Is Celebrating the Dodgers and Halloween

October deliciousness, ahoy: There are now two tasty locations to find seasonal sweets, including the new Westwood Village shop.

Erica M. Allen

What to Know

  • Sawtelle Boulevard and Westwood Village locations
  • Dodger's doughnuts are $3 and available through the Dodgers' season
  • Halloween doughnuts are $2.75 cake and $3 raised; find them through Oct. 31, 2021

Batting and bats? Gloves and ghosts? Sunshine in the stadium and moonlight on a spooky street?

The final days of October can and do hold the bewitching and plentiful charms both a thrilling baseball showdown and the promise of Halloween high jinks.

So how can a pair of pastry-perfect shops, locally beloved places that are famous for their frosting-covered confections, celebrate both the action on the diamond and the ghoulful glee of the season, all at the same time?

By baking not one but a few different special doughnuts that are well-themed to the moment.

And those treats o' the tenth month are now in the cases at both Primo's Donuts locations.

The Dodgers doughnut is $3, and you bet, there's some sweet "stitching" on top of the goodie, as well as lots of LA love, written in pure blue, of course.

There are two tempting ways to go with your Dodgers doughnut: plain or filled with jelly.

The Halloween doughnuts? You can find cake versions, for $2.75, or raise, for three bucks, and there are a few fanciful designs to choose from, with most involving orange and black (and one that sorts a super-cute spiderweb).

And those cake-y doughnuts? If you're a pumpkin person, through and through, be cheered: That's the spicily festive flavor.

The Dodgers doughnut is available through the Dodgers' season, and the last day to find those haunted Halloween yummies is Oct. 31.

You can still find this classic Southern California shop at its original location on Sawtelle Boulevard (2918 is the address).

And the second spot, which debuted in September 2021? It's in the former Stan's Donuts shop, at 10948 Weyburn Avenue in Westwood Village.

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