Primo's Donuts Will Soon Open in the Former Stan's Donuts Spot

The nummy nexus for delightful, coffee-dunkable pastries, long based on Sawtelle Boulevard, will unveil a new location in Westwood.

Michael Mallory

What to Know

  • Saturday, Sept. 18; enjoy a complimentary Buttermilk Bite between noon and 1 p.m.
  • 10948 Weyburn Avenue in Westwood Village (the former home of Stan's Donuts)
  • The Sawtelle Boulevard location remains open (the company celebrated 65 years in August 2021)

If you've enjoyed a Chocolate Raised, or a Vanilla Swirl, or a Cinnamon Buttermilk doughnut every single day since Primo's Donuts first debuted in 1956, you would have devoured over 23,000 tasty pastries by this point.

Chances are good that no one has reached that rather astounding pinnacle, but there are plenty of Angelenos who've made stopping by the Sawtelle-based bastion of doughnut-tastic delights an important part of their weekly or even daily schedule.

But that schedule may soon see a slight change-up for families who live a bit further east, for the second Primo's Donuts is set to deliciously debut on Saturday, Sept. 18.

The new location? It's Westwood Village, on Weybourn Avenue, in the very space where the also-beloved Stan's Donuts once welcomed doughnut lovers.

Stan's, a Westwood institution for decades, shuttered in April 2020, "a decision hastened by the pandemic."

Michael Mallory

Call the Primo's move-in quite moving, a development that is both a move back and a move forward for a special space that has long been devoted to well-made sweets.

And the opening day festivities will indeed be sweet: Primo's Donuts will be giving customers complimentary Buttermilk Bites to celebrate the new start.

The new start includes a new appearance for the doughnut destination which includes touches of blue, a signature color for Primo's.

But the meaningful memory of Stan's will also remain strong in the location.

"We were so upset when we heard that Stan’s had decided to close its doors early due to COVID-19," shared Ralph Sr. and Celia Primo in a statement.

"There aren’t many family-owned mom and pops like us left that bake donuts fresh every morning, and we have always felt that we shared the same type of customers and vision for our businesses."

"The location in the heart of Westwood Village is so iconic, and we are honored to have a chance to open our doors here. Our grandson, Nick, is a graduate of UCLA so it's been great to have him involved with the opening of this location."

In fact, three generations of the family help oversee the beloved business, which just celebrated its 65th year in August 2021.

Ready for more great doughnuts in Westwood, in a building that was long associated with the morningtime and/or anytime treat?

Stop by and wish the Primo family well on Sept. 18, or any day that follows. And, of course, a visit to the Sawtelle Boulevard shop should remain high on any pastry lover's list, now and always.

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