Pumpkin Gingersnap Banana Pudding: Magnolia Treat

Halloween plus the holidays? The new sweet is a swirly symphony of the season.

How do you bridge the time from Halloween to the end-of-the-year holidays?

You can be guided by "Tim Burton's A Nightmare Before Christmas," the 1993 classic that charmingly ties the spookiest day and the yuletide together in one big glittery orange-and-plaid bow.

You can hang small pumpkins on your Christmas tree or decorate the Thanksgiving table with tiny plastic skeletons, if that's how you roll.

Or you can turn to an offbeat foodstuff, one that's only available for a limited time, and one that puts a seasonal spin on a classic, always-available offering at Magnolia Bakery. 

If you guessed we're about to reference the NYC-started sweet shop's obsessed-over banana pudding, cheers to you: You're correct. It's Magnolia Bakery, which has just put a bit of Halloweeny zing and Christmassy cool in its latest creation.

It's the Pumpkin Gingersnap Banana Pudding, and it is available through the final day of November 2017 (so, yep, the 30th) at the West Third Street sweet shop.

The pumpkin, of course, possesses the fall cred and autumn flair while the gingersnap cookies summon the flair of Christmas-style baked goods to the toothsome confection. And the banana pudding? That's the celebrated base of the whole gooey dessert.

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Look no further, then, for your yummy, dessert-based bridge, the one that'll take you straight from the end of October to the twinkly holidays. Simply grab a treat that has some pumpkin and ginger to it, and call it half-Halloween, half-yuletide, all-banana-pudding, and very merrily Magnolia.

And as for those friends that tell you that your pumpkin-focused yearnings must cease when Halloween is over?

Pish posh. Pumpkin has no expiration date to those who love the spicy squash and its habit for popping up in every edible from August to November.

Keep on pumpkining, pumpkin people, and start to seek it out in your Christmas desserts, too. It's there.

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