Pumpkins to Fly Through the Sky, in Fullerton

Science-smart teams'll attempt to send gourds forward in a furious and fast manner.

Pumpkin Launch

What to Know

  • Saturday, Nov. 3
  • Free
  • Cal State Fullerton

If you happen to look out your window and up, at just the right moment, while you're occupying the passenger seat of a car, you might see some high-in-the-sky Southern Californian sights. 

You could see the beautiful green Art Deco Wiltern, if you're on Wilshire Boulevard, or perhaps Guardians of the Galaxy, if you're in Anaheim, toodling past Disneyland Resort.

And if you happen to be near Cal State Fullerton, just after Halloween, on a Saturday? Time it right and you'll spy a squash sailing at notable speed, from one side of a grassy expanse to, fingers crossed, the other.

It's the famous Pumpkin Launch you're witnessing, a cool annual collaboration between Discovery Cube and Cal State University, Fullerton.

The upshot? Well, "up" is key here: The STEM-focused event will see teams of science-loving students and area engineers gathering around gourds, gourds they intend to fling, with great force and impressive arc, at targets located across the university's athletic field.

Yep, over 50 yards have been bested in the past, meaning these pumpkins have power.

Nifty machines shall be devised for this very purpose, and while you won't be required to be at the drafting board if you attend, you can stop by, on Saturday, Nov. 3, to see all of these pumpkin-flinging marvels at work.

It's free to attend, but you'll want to register here.

And you'll want to plan a day out, if you're so inclined. There'll be plenty of hands-on activities, meaning "... guests can become an engineer for the day by making, building, and testing their own launchers at the hands-on learning encounters and STEM festival."

Awesome sauce.

And there will be food trucks about, if you need a nosh between pumpkin launches. (Watching pumpkins fly can truly stoke the appetite.)

For all of the seedy deets, fly over to this page and get up on this gourd-tastic go-to, one of the flight rites of a Fullerton fall.

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