Eagle Rock

Puppets, Pizza, and a Merry Midweek Party

The Bob Baker Marionettes will dance into Eagle Rock's Piencone Pizza for a whimsical Wednesday event.

Piencone Pizza, Creamery, and Pub

What to Know

  • Wednesday, Jan. 15
  • Free puppet shows at 5:30, 6:30, and 7:30 p.m.
  • Your food purchases help the Bob Baker Marionettes

How packed with puppets is a typical Wednesday in your world?

On the average?

Like if you were to look at the usual events of a normal Wednesday in your world, would there be puppets present, or would your Wednesday be entirely puppet-free?

We're not going to string you along here: We've gotta guess that the middle of the week tends to be not incredibly puppetish for most people. But there's a way to change that, and to help a long-running marionette troupe, too, all by buying and eating pizza.

Which, we'll wager, is part of many of our Wednesdays. Pizza, that is, because so many of us love it so.

Take that love of pizza, and of puppets, too, straight to Piencone Pizzeria, Creamery, and Pub in Eagle Rock on Wednesday, Jan. 15.

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The early evening event is a fundraiser for the Bob Baker Marionette Theater, which recently opened its new venue in Highland Park, just a hop, leap, and jump from Piencone Pizza.

(We used "hop, leap, and jump" there since those seem to be actions frequently performed by marionettes.) (We're not wrong.)

The puppet shows are free, free, free, wheeeee. They'll happen at 5:30, 6:30, and 7:30 p.m., and "(y)our food bucks will go towards supporting their wonderful new Highland Park space!"

Oh yes: Pizza with a puppet-y purpose. Helping a local cultural treasure like the Bob Baker Marionettes is not "pie in the sky" in this case, but pie on your table.

Some pizzas you might choose from? The Barn Burner, which boasts zucchini and fresh basil, or The Fun Guy, which rocks the mushrooms and walnuts.

So stop by and buy a pie, and watch puppets without paying to do so, and show your support for the Bob Baker Marionettes.

On. A. Wednesday. Not a weekend, or even weekend-adjacent.

If only other whimsical gifts would weave as easily into all of our Wednesdays, all of the time.

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