Pups Go Pop-up During Tacotopia's New Doggie Hours

The Santa Monica experience is welcoming woofers (and their humans) every Monday afternoon through Labor Day.

What to Know

  • Santa Monica
  • Every Monday afternoon through Labor Day, 3 to 7:30 p.m.
  • $27 adult; dogs free

It's fair to say that Fido fans love, love, LOVE taking photographs with their furry ones, in every setting, at any given moment. (Please do throw in a few more "loves" there, if you feel we didn't go quite far enough.)

But here's something that's also true: For the most part, the photo-ready, super-colorful pop-ups that have flowered around town over the last half decade or so haven't thrown the doors wide to dogs.

Give a woof, and not a whine, as that reality is changing on Monday, July 29. For Tacotopia, the savory Santa Monica snapshot-oriented pop-up, will welcome canines, for free, every Monday afternoon through Labor Day.

Well, your tail-wagger gets in gratis, let us clarify, but people will still need tickets to the adorable weekly event, which will find pooches posing in a variety of settings devoted to tacos, guacamole, salsa, and such.

There'll be Barkaritas, too, for the four-footed guests, courtesy of Healthy Spot. And margaritas for purchase, both mock and not, for those Tacotopia visitors who are not among the canines in the house.

Where will be some of the pose-able places for people and their pups? There is an Extra Guac Pit, oh yes, as well as a teeter-totter rocking a taco theme.

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Tacotopia is not, repeat, is not a restaurant, but there will be a Jarritos soft drink for you to sip, and a coupon from Azule Taqueria (good for a free taco).

Does your little one love to crunch on a taco, now and then? Without the hot stuff on top, of course?

Surely he's a fan of the meat and cheese and a little corner of a tortilla, too.

If so, make for Tacotopia on a Monday afternoon, from 3 to 7:30 p.m., before Labor Day trots this way, and take a few piquant pics of your favorite little in a lively array of taco-themed rooms.

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