Pups to Paint Live, All to Help Pasadena Humane

You can watch the creative canines, and bid on artworks, via Facebook and Instagram.

Ivan Pantic

Piping fancy frosting onto a cake, making an eye-catching sign for a yard sale, or stenciling some lovely flourishes on the living room wall?

We humans may feel a tad nervous if we're being observed as we face a creative project.

But pooches? They do love attention, which means that taking on the task of painting while people watch from afar can't daunt a dog.

And five furry artists will add splashes of "paw"-fully nice color to canvases, all to help out other dogs during Pasadena Humane's first-ever Day of Giving, which is taking place on Tuesday, May 10.

The fundraiser, which will take place on Facebook and Instagram, will feature a cute quintet of shelter dogs and the abstract paintings they make, live, during the half-hour event.

And, you bet: The artworks will be available "for a donation," in case you fall in love with a particular Lassie or Laddie's lively style.

"All proceeds will be used to provide shelter, medical care and lifesaving services for animals in the community," shares the Raymond Avenue shelter, along with this uplifting news: An anonymous donor is triple-matching all donations, up to $50,000.

When to check out the live streams on Facebook or Instagram? Noon is the start time on May 10, and it is free to watch (no donation is required).

But what if you find "arf"-worthy art, the sort of piece you need to display in your home?

Then you can donate, and perhaps secure a splashy canvas, one that was created not by hand, but by paw.

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