Hollywood Bowl

Put ‘Your Name Under the Stars' at the Hollywood Bowl

It's the first-ever seat-naming campaign for the landmark, an effort that will help the beloved venue during a challenging time.

Hollywood Bowl

What to Know

  • It's the "first seat naming campaign" for the world-famous venue
  • Order your sign for a bench, seat or box before 2020 ends and it will be in place by the summer of 2021
  • Your sign is guaranteed for a decade

Of all the things that can quickly connect us with another human, music feels like the most instantaneously understood.

Picture this: You're at a concert, and you meet the eyes of another fan a few sections over as a song you both love begins. What follows? A knowing look, briefly shared, that speaks multitudes.

A different sort of connection, but still of the most musical kind, is set to happen at the Hollywood Bowl as the historic venue launches a seat-naming campaign.

Make that its very first seat-naming campaign, which is saying something, as the Highland Avenue icon will turn 100 in just a couple of years.

You can purchase for yourself or gift a small plaque to a tune-obsessed loved one, a sign that will be placed on "... a box, bench, or seat of your choice." An organization's name is a-ok, too, or you can go with your family name, if you choose.

Once the sign is in place? The tribute will stay put for a decade-long term, per a guarantee from the venue.

The starting price for a "Your Name Under the Stars" sign is $500. Tickets to shows aren't included with a sign purchase, nor is a membership, do keep in mind.

A solid idea first? You'll want to read everything before proceeding (and, indeed, there's a letter limit, and "subject to approval" is one of the asterisks).

As for what's down the road over several song-filled summers to come?

Your favorite Hollywood Bowl buff, your chosen giftee, will find a new way to connect with other concert goers. Because here's something to consider: A whole lot of music-loving people will sit on the bench or seat where a plaque is placed over a ten-year run of time.

Something that's as meaningful?

Your contribution will help a much-loved venue during a challenging time, a period in which support is very much appreciated.

Even if you're not meeting a fellow fan's eyes at the start of a great song, helping a music landmark weather the reality of 2020 is definitely a form of connection and understanding, too.

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