Q Sushi Offers Takeout Boxes, a First for the DTLA Eatery

Omakase aficionados, here's something tasty to start the week: Chef Hiro's acclaimed culinary creations are now available for at-home enjoyment.

Q Sushi

What to Know

  • "Traditional Nigiri Sushi & Mini Chirashi Sushi for Two"
  • Prepaid pick-up
  • Thursdays through Saturdays (dinner only)

When an acclaimed restaurant has been recognized by Michelin, and it has well-earned a reputation for a stellar, swanky, and even bucket-list-y experience, you can almost count on one thing: takeout may not be happening.

For such rare eateries build their elegant aura upon the in-dining experience, how a guest relates to not only the food but the setting, the staff members, and the journey, from arrival to departure.

But in-dining experiences?

They're on hold these days, due to the pandemic, and chefs are looking to new ways to connect with diners.

Chef Hiro of Q Sushi is doing just that. And, for the first time ever, the lauded sushi restaurant is now offering takeout boxes on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.

The restaurant, known for excelling in Omakase, has a Michelin star.

The eatery is now offering "... a Premium Omakase Sushi Box for 2 at $400, containing about 20 pieces of nigiri and sashimi per person along with a menu describing each dish. Menus will vary daily based on the freshest varieties of premium Japanese fish available on the market," revealed a restaurant representative.

To see some of the delights inside this posh box?

Following the Q DTLA Instagram will give you a vast view to Chef Hiro's artistic and edible creations.

Eager to know more about Chef Hiro's approach? The restaurant's tock page has more information, as well as a way to order.

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