Quarantine Cat Film Fest Lends a Paw to Indie Cinema

The "virtual cinema initiative" will raise money for independent theaters, while giving feline fans plenty of cuteness to squee over.

Kilito Chan

What to Know

  • June 19
  • $12 (watch from home)
  • "About half" of the ticket price will help a local independent movie theatre

So you've spent a lot of time stroking your cat's tiny paws, and admiring your cat's winsome whiskers, and petting your cat's velvety ears, and finding joy and companionship in the wee animal that shares your home and life.

Plenty of people have sought extra hours of cuddle time with their tail-swishing, lap-cuddling housemates during the time of the pandemic. This is understandable, of course, knowing what we know: Animals uplift.

As do animal films. But with theaters closed for several months, we haven't had the opportunity to check out beasties on the big screen, nor show support for the smaller theaters in our towns.

Quarantine Cat Film Festival will change all that on Friday, June 19.

You won't be going to the theater for this feline compilation film, but you will be enjoying a feature-length cat compilation movie at home, all while sending some money to independent movie houses, the places that have kept the lights off, and box office closed, for months.

Your ticket? It's valid for three days, so you'll want to watch the frisky fest over the weekend. The fundraising aspect? "About half" of the ticket price will go to help out an indie cinema or independent cinema company.

Finding the cinema you'd like to support with your donation? There's a list right here.

"Quarantine Cat Film Festival is a compilation reel that brings together the cutest, funniest, bravest, and most loving cat videos from more than 1,200 submissions filmed during the COVID-19 Quarantines. Created by Row House Cinema in Pittsburgh, it is available through Virtual Cinema starting June 19th."

"Your ticket purchase will help support independent cinemas across the country, so you can watch some cute cats and feel good about helping to keep indie cinemas alive!"

Ready to seem some of those submissions and help a neighborhood business out, too? A ticket is $12.

Meow now, and line up your time with this good-hearted festival, a fundraiser that understands that movies and meowers really do go hand in paw.

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