Queen Mary: Dark Harbor Auditions Ahead

Summer's nearly here, which means that Halloween tryouts are on the spine-chilling horizon.

Queen Mary

Summer's official, actual, on-the-books start is but a week out, which obviously means you'll need to start preparing your monster skills for those upcoming theme park Halloween event auditions.

For theme park scare spectaculars wait for no season, and when the sun is high over Southern California, and the mercury is pushing up, up, up, that's when the call goes out for all manner of monstrous thespians.

Dark Harbor, of the Queen Mary, recently sent out just that call, and you won't have to wait long to moan and/or groan at the Long Beach ocean-liner: Tryouts will howl on Friday, July 14 and Saturday, July 15.

Those dates are over two months ahead of autumn's start, yes, but consider that both Midsummer Scream and ScareLA, our region's two huge Halloween-themed conventions, will arrive right on the Dark Harbor audition's heels, in late July and early August respectively.

For sure, the Dark Harbor honchos will be searching for spooky background players, the kind of theatrical people who can glower with the best (and freakiest) of 'em. But main players, like Graceful Gale and Scary Mary, are also set to be cast, too.

And can you juggle? Sing? Perform magic? Those skills may net you a role in the multi-week spine-tingler of an extravaganza. 

Crew will also be interviewed later in July, so if a stage supervisor is more your thing, or bartending, consider heading for Long Beach to see if the operations team might be a good, ghoulish fit for what you have to offer.

Summer's nearly here, Halloweenies, which means the theme parks are turning on the pumpkin-orange search lights as they look for their line-up of eeky maze monsters and goosebump-summoning superstars.

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