Quirky Croissant Creations, Just in Time for Croissant Day

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse is introducing a fab 'n flaky new line-up starting on the first of February.

What to Know

  • Mr. Holmes Bakehouse
  • Highland Park and Larchmont
  • New treats debut on Feb. 1, 2018

The 30th of January is National Croissant Day, which means if you want to flake out, or butter someone up, the moment has arrived to do so.

For both flakiness, and butter, are involved in the traditionally French pastry, an iconic goodie that's gone so far, so wide, and so whimsical that there's even a croissant-muffin hybrid now.

If you guessed we're about to reference the Cruffin, an offbeat creation thunk up by Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, you're correct. The San Francisco-started pastry outfit did, in fact, dream up a delectable that's part hearty edible, like a muffin, but with plenty of luscious flake-a-tude, too.

Now the shop, which began in San Francisco and currently boasts two Southern California outposts, is going deeper into croissant-covered territory beginning on Thursday, Feb. 1 with not one, not two, but a trio of treats that can only be described as croissantian.

Included in this bouquet of buttery, mouth-melty dainties? The coffee stout croissant, which is made with "brown sugar cake and stout beer cream, brushed with coffee syrup and topped with chocolate glaze, chocolate coffee crumb, and dark chocolate brownie pieces."


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There's also the "Just Try It" croissant, a collaboration with Tinfoil, which is a savory delight. Think "housemade pastrami, pickled onions, pickled oranges, Manchego cheese, topped with pumpkin and fennel seeds."

Goodness again.

And rounding out the new-new-new list, with panache, tartness, and zing, is a lemon meringue pie croissant, which involves lemon curd, lemon zest, and "a torched Italian meringue."

All the goodnesses.

Croissant innovation is quite the way to honor National Croissant Day, which arrived just ahead of the goodies' official launch date of Feb. 1, 2018. You can find all three at either of the Mr. Holmes Bakehouses around town, which are located in Highland Park and on Larchmont Boulevard.

There are other new non-croissant-able additions to the menu, too, if you need to balance your visit out between the croissant-based and the not-croissant-but-still-yummy end of the spectrum.

Check 'em out, at the MHB near you, beginning in February.

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