‘Rain Room': Now at LACMA Forever

The popular (and wet) installation has closed, but it is now a part of the art museum's permanent collection.

It isn't too difficult to discern when a rain shower will start or stop.

All one needs to do is watch the skies, consult the weather reports, and keep a slicker and umbrella at the ready.

But discerning when a rain room, as in the actual, it-exists "Rain Room," will start or stop isn't quite as simple as glancing at the long-range forecast, of course.

We do refer here to Random International's incredibly popular art installation, which debuted at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art on Nov. 1, 2015. 

Debuted to immediate fanfare, and impressive queues, thanks in large part to its (literally) splashy showings in London and New York (and all the advance word from H2O-loving fans).

Devoted fans were soon found here in Southern California, too, over the months, even after "Rain Room" shuttered, and then re-opened, and had its run extended.

Now the "it's raining indoors, except where I'm standing" spectacle is in the Los Angeles forecast well, forever, thanks to a donation from Restoration Hardware.

But wait: Rain, of course, isn't falling in all places at once, nor will "Rain Room" always be on view. While it is being added to the permanent collection at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, it closed, for the time being, on Jan. 22.

The museum says that "future exhibitions" are "to be determined" down the road, so watching the skies, or rather the LACMA blog, is going to give you a clearer view as to when the indoor rain shall return. 

An important question often asked about the artwork: Is all of that water ("approximately 528 gallons") recycled and reused? For sure: That's one of the themes of the themeful artwork.

"Rain Room" is a major addition to LACMA's collection, one that's whimsical, wonderful, and wetter than most — er, all, pretty much — famous art pieces. And the chance of you experiencing it, again, or for the first time, is as likely now as another rainstorm on the way into LA.

Which, even if we must wait, is always a certainty.

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