Raise a Toast to LAWineFest’s New Location

The sip-plentiful summer-starter will pop up at The Pike Outlets in Long Beach in early June.

LA Wine Fest

What to Know

  • Saturday, June 1 and Sunday, June 2
  • The Pike in Long Beach
  • $70 general, $95 all-access

Early June isn't technically nor officially summer, not according to the rules of the cosmos, and our nearest star, and our planet, and this particular hemisphere.

And yet?

The beginning of the blithest month has some summery cachet, and its arrival can make a person long to pursue the more luxurious and langorous pastimes associated with the hottest season.

Certainly, and definitely, and without quibble, a lavish but unfussy wine tasting, with a lot of quality vino to try, qualifies. And one of the biggest on the not-quite-summer, but-sort-of-summer-in-spirit celebrations is, again without quibble, LAWineFest.

And it will pop up, over the first weekend of June 2019, at The Pike Outlets in Long Beach.

You're exactly right: LBC is a fresh spot for the time-tested festival, so count on savoring those ocean-briny breezes as you sip your pinots and cabs.

So if it is all happening in June, why talk about it now?

Because tickets are on sale, with general admission going for $70 and all-access entry rocking the price of $95. Wineries for 2019 include Frisco Cellars, Lucky Dogg Winery, and Seka Hills.

The all-access difference? You can saunter into the Boutique Garden, which'll boast lots of limited-production vinos from some 15 to 20 wineries.

Whichever ticket you choose to go with, know that it'll include "... a souvenir glass, unlimited wine and craft brew tastings, bottled water, coffee, and bread."

And your designated driver? They'll enter for twenty bucks, which includes "all of the amenities of the festival" save, of course, for alcohol.

We said "time-tested" earlier, about the festival, and we meant it, and still do. For while fests come and go, LAWineFest marked its first decade nearly a half decade ago, which points to a party that has some strong legs.

As, of course, does a robust wine that's especially hearty. Is that a mere coincidence? Best ponder that question as you book your ticket for June 1 or 2, 2019.

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