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Rams Fans, El Torito Has a Fun Nachos Freebie and Rams Sip

Make a $10 purchase and enjoy a free Nachos Supremos for a limited time (just say "Go Rams" when you order).

El Torito

What to Know

  • Jan. 25 through 28, 2022
  • Make a $10 (or more) purchase at El Torito and receive a complimentary Nachos Supremos (be sure to say "Go Rams" to your server)
  • The Rams House Margarita is also available for $11

Raising a frosty glass brimming with a spirited beverage, a cheese-laden tortilla chip, or a supportive cheer to the Los Angeles Ram is something plenty of Southern Californians will be doing in the days ahead, as fans await the NFC Conference Championship on Jan. 30, 2022.

There are several spots around town that are putting Rams-themed dishes and drinks on the menu as January 2022 runs down the field, including El Torito, which is holding a four-day special that is all about a festive freebie.

Well, a freebie with purchase, we'll add. Stop by your local El Torito through Friday, Jan. 28, make a $10 purchase (or more), say "Go Rams" to your server, and, oh delish: You'll receive a gratis plate of Nachos Supremos.

Enjoy this cheese-laden, salsa-spiced delight as you discuss the upcoming showdown with your best Rams-loving bud, and ponder what you might either A) cook or B) eat during the game (you'll probably be inspired to go the nachos route, because nachos and major sporting event are a very solid twosome).

But wait: If you're 21 or older, there's another Rams-focused item on the El Torito menu.

Nope, it isn't free, but the $11 Rams Margarita does rock blue and gold shades, a tasty and colorful tribute to the team.

Keep in mind that the Nachos Supremos special does wrap a couple of days before the playoff game, when the Rams take on the San Francisco 49ers.

Here's something to raise a glass to, though: El Torito will be offering Happy Hours specials during the Jan. 30 game.

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