Randy's Donuts Has a Rams Goodie for Game Day

The doughnuts are even shaped like footballs. But keep in mind: This treat is only available on Jan. 16.

Randy's Donuts

What to Know

  • Saturday, Jan. 16 only (while supplies last)
  • Bavarian cream is the filling
  • $2.85 each

While you'd never throw a doughnut to a friend, because doughnuts, if they land in the wrong spot, can make your couch or rug or floor rather sticky, you might be tempted to gently toss a treat, especially if your pal is within your immediate vicinity.

"Here, catch" is the attention-getting thing you'd need to say, and, after waiting for your friend to take notice, you'd send the sweet flying in their direction.

This impulse, to share a snack and to be a little zany regarding its distribution, only grows bigger when the doughnut takes on the appearance, and general shape, of a football.

Football-fun fancies aren't always easy to find on the shelf of your local bakery, but you can find them if you hut-hut in the direction of a Randy's Donuts on Saturday, Jan. 16.

For the SoCal stalwart of icing, crumbs, and perfect, pull-apart dough is devoting a day to celebrating the Rams as the team goes for playoff glory.

But we do mean "a day" there, for the special Rams doughnuts will only be available at your local Randy's Donuts on Jan.16.

The frosting? It's blue, with the team's name in gold or gold lacing. Inside the confection? It's a decadent Bavarian cream.

Each doughnut is $2.85, and this is a real "while supplies last" kind of deal.

Where to find a Randy's Donuts? The locations are here. Two new Randy's just debuted in recent months, in Torrance and Pasadena.

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