Randy's Donuts Has Your Playoff Pastries, Dodgers Fans

But you can only score these goodies on game days.

Randy's Donuts

What to Know

  • Dodgers-themed doughnuts will be available on game days
  • $3.15 each (prices may vary slightly depending on location)
  • The newest Randy's just opened in Santa Monica, but you can find shops in Inglewood, Pasadena, Costa Mesa, and beyond

Cheering on a great game and chowing down on delicious vittles?

It's an ultimate duo for baseball fans, dining and the diamond.

And if you asked anyone if they had a favorite food, lucky food, or can't-miss-it meal when it comes to game time treats, they'd almost certainly have a quick and confident answer.

That answer might involve peanuts, frankfurters, or popcorn, but if we're talking Los Angeles, we have to talk about a famous foodstuff that has become synonymous with the city: the doughnut.

And one of the best-known, most beloved-est of these round-like-a-baseball (or-sort-of-like-a-baseball) goodies? You know we're going to give the love to the company with the giant, roof-topping dessert, the sweet over-sized company symbol that plenty of Dodgers fans see as they head to or from LAX.

It's Randy's Donuts we speak of, and once again the pastry-making powerhouse will be baking doughnuts themed to the Dodgers, comforting confections for us to enjoy while we watch all of the postseason action.

But wait: These Fall 2021 frosting-covered fantasies, which are filled with Bavarian cream, will only be available on game days.

Will you need a dozen or two for your at-home viewing? Stop by your local Randy's early, while supplies last.

There are a number of Randy's locations, including the newest outpost in Santa Monica.

So will eating a lucky doughnut, during the heat of the game, add some fan-fun magic to the ultimate score?

Whether you devour a lucky bag of peanuts, some good-luck fries, a fortune-bestowed frankfurter, or, yes, a lucky Dodgers doughnut from Randy's, it is time to break out your favorite let's-rock-the-postseason snacks.

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