Randy's Donuts Opens on the Walk of Yum, er, Fame

A doughnut themed to Tinseltown is on the menu, oh yeah.

What to Know

  • 6801 Hollywood Boulevard
  • Hollywood & Highland
  • Sun-Thu 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., Fri-Sat 8 a.m. to midnight

A few years ago, as in not so long ago, as in a different doughnut day, you had to make a trek, or pilgrimage, even, to get your favorite goodie at Randy's Donuts.

Of course, finding the pastry palace wasn't all that hard: The Randy's location known throughout the world, via legend, reputation, and "Iron Man 2," is the one with the ginormous doughnut on top.

And when we say it can be found pretty dang close to LAX, we're not whistling through a doughnut hole.

But new Randy's shops has been popping up elsewhere around the region, with precision and regularity, much like tempting balls of sugary dough dropping onto a buttered baking sheet.

Look to Century City for a still-new Randy's, and, earlier in 2018, El Segundo, too.

And now, starting on Monday, Dec. 10, Hollywood & Highland, where the latest Randy's Donuts is stirring up its starry batter.

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And we're not tossing "starry" around there, for the newest location, which is right on Hollywood Boulevard, will boast a Hollywood Star doughnut.

Which, yes, you could purchase, and then take right outside the front door and eat while standing on an actual Walk of Fame star.

That front door, by the way, is framed by an "18-foot-wide, donut-shaped entrance," which creates an eye-catching first impression along a highly visual stretch that very much serves to catch a lot of eyes in a million different ways, or seemingly so.

There's more eye-catching-a-tude inside the new Randy's Donuts, which also includes a mural that's decidedly "pop culture" in theme.

But as far as what's in the display cases, and, later, in the bag you're walking out with, and, later, in your tum?

Prepare for 40-plus varieties of doughnut-based and doughnut-related deliciousness, and we're including fritters and cinnamon rolls in that, as we most definitely should.

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