Randy's + Hopdoddy: The Donut Burger

This mystical meating — er, meeting — is on for a few days only.

First things first, and we just want to put this out there, because we understand the allure of a certain giant doughnut, the deeply felt pull, really, because so many Southern Californians have experienced it.

So here it goes: While what we're about to describe absolutely involves Randy's Donuts, the edible in question will be found elsewhere, at Hopdoddy Burger Bar, which isn't too far from the doughnut-topped, airport-close drive-through.

Good? Clear? Then onward: There's a new, oh-so-brief, one-weekend-only burger called the CODE 7, and it is at Hopdoddy, at its Playa Vista and El Segundo locations, and it has, for a bun, hold onto your seat, hold onto your jacket, hold onto a friend, a pair of Randy's Donuts signature glazed doughnuts.

Still holding? Yeah. 100% understandable.

The beef is Angus, the cheddar is Tillamook, the bacon is applewood smoked, and the egg is fried.

And the price? That's eleven bucks.

And the general vibe? Breakfast meets burgerdom. Patty meets pastry. Morning meets night.

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CODE 7, of course, is a police term, signifying a stop for a meal.

Now, after you've done your burger + egg + cheese + bacon + Randy's glazed doughnuts thing at the Austin-started, now-very-much-in-SoCal Hopdoddy, you can swing by the giant doughnut to pick up a dozen for home.

We don't want to dissuade you from going to Randy's Donuts, of course, seeing as it is an icon and all. Just not for this burger, yes? Afterwards, do it. We mean, even the Space Shuttle Endeavour had to drive by Randy's on its way from LAX to the California Science Center, a few years back.

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