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Get Ready for a Rare October Harvest Moon

A rare Harvest Moon will offer a sky-gazing treat Thursday when it glows bright in the October sky.

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The Harvest Moon is the full moon that falls closest to the Northern Hemisphere's autumn equinox, tradition harvest time. The Harvest Moon usually occurs in September, but October's full moon was closer to the autumn equinox of Sept. 22 this year than last month's full moon.

If the clouds cooperate, it should offer a stunning sight for Southern Californians, so be sure to send us your photos. Los Angeles received a preview Thursday morning, including a spectacular view of downtown LA from NewsChopper4.

What to Watch

  • The peak of this year's Harvest Moon comes at 11:40 a.m Pacific time on  Thursday, according to Space.com, but excellent viewing will still be possible tonight.
  • The moon will still appear big and bright for a couple of days before and after its peak.
  • With a telescope, surface features of the moon will be visible. But even without a telescope, you'll still see some features.
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