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Monday Morning Linkage



    Monday Morning Linkage

    [Work on Angel's Flight continues via Curbed LA flickr pool member Experience LA]

    · Councilman Smith wants to offer incentives, etc to local businesses [LABJ]
    · But is it grade separated? Baghdad's commuter rail system [Wired]
    · Celebrity D-lister causing party havoc in Hollywood Hills [TMZ]
    · Long Beachers envision utopian future for Pine Avenue [Press-Telegram]
    · Reality's a bitch: Long Beachers brawl on Pine Avenue [Press-Telegram]
    · Cold, dead Valley hearts thawing. Vote for Obama, against Prop 8 [Daily News]
    · Neutra's Cyclorama building in Gettysburg saved from demo - for now [BD]
    · Dead blog watch: Militant Angeleno lost in cyberspace [LA Eastside]
    · Pomona pushes forward to revitalize its historic downtown [Daily Bulletin]
    · Cal's amazing plans to unjam traffic; involves cell phones [abc7]

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