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Foreclosed Home Booby Trapped With Pipe Bombs

House may be booby trapped



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    Authorities bring in some heavy equipment to destroy what appeared to be pipe bombs on a foreclosed Riverside property.

    A bank representative checking on a Riverside foreclosed home got a nasty surprise Tuesday afternoon when he spotted what appeared to be pipe bombs laying all over the property.

    Arriving cops agreed with the bank rep and called in the bomb squad.  Eight homes surrounding the vacant house at 1420 Orange Street were ordered evacuated and a small manned armored tractor was sent in to clear the yard of what appeared to be pipe bombs.

    Bomb squad experts said it would take hours to make sure the property surrounding the home is clear.  Police said after the yard is given an "all clear" they would tackle the issue of whether the home is booby trapped.   Sgt. Jaybee Brennan of the Riverside Police Department said police think there are more pipe bombs inside the house.  

    It may be until Wednesday when police will be able to say if the pipe bombs were real or not. 

    At 10:06 p.m. bomb experts blew up the first of several pipe bombs found in the yard.   People in the surrounding neighborhoods heard the explosion.

    There have been no reported injuries.

    Residents who were asked to leave the neighborhood during the investigation were allowed to return home Wednesday morning.