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For Sale: The House That Rumors Built

The house on the outer loop at Runyon Canyon hits the market at $15 million



    There are a lot of stories about the boarded up mansion 2450 Solar Drive (that house at the top of Runyon Canyon).

    It was a gang hangout when it wasn't a teen hangout. It was a popular spot for drug users. Satan worshipers used it for ceremonies.

    It's the house Runyon Canyon hikers pass and wonder about what else might have gone on inside there during the past 16 years.

    The future of the house with a mysterious past depends on whether someone is willing to meet the newly listed property's $15 million asking price. Sotheby's Realtylisted the house last week.

    The views include the Hollywood sign to the east, downtown to the south -- and, for a few days last year, a weird skeleton Oscar statue that was on the same ridge -- and postcard worthy sunsets to the west.

    Although it's an impressive -- or maybe just imposing -- structure, the 9,800-square foot building needs a lot of work. The boarded up windows and graffiti are just its most visible flaws.

    Here's the listing description:

      Amazing City Views from 9,800sf + Mansion on 17 Acres of mostly usable land with several flat pads, with one of the best City Views you can imagine. Current owners did some development work but did not finish and want to sell. House needs finishing but could be truly great. All sort of subdivision possibilities exist. This is the last big parcel in the Hollywood Hills so bring your developers/contractors and clients who want something rare and unique.

    "It’s a mess," agent Richard Klug told the New York Times. "They had to open all the ceilings because the city said you have to put sprinklers in. So it just looks ridiculous."

    The couple that started the project sold the house unfinished, according to the Times.

    A record exec purchased the 16-year-old home in 2004 for $3.7 million. The fixer-upper was never really fixed up, and a security guard is about the closest thing it has had to a regular tenant.



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