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Save $100,000 Today



    Save $100,000 Today
    Lawrence Anderson
    Lookin' to get noticed? Friends won't have any trouble finding your new place if it's 1140 Formosa Ave. The bold new 11-unit Lorcan O' Herlihy condos in WeHo are just as fab inside.

    West Hollywood loves to make statements, even with its real estate. Behold, the new 1140 Formosa. Even in a buyer's market, this swanky-looking 11-unit condo is a steal for in-demand WeHo. The exterior alone is guaranteed to elevate your hip factor with friends. The candy-red geometric theme puts the structure somewhere between galactic storage unit and sexed-up Borg mother ship. (If you put lipstick on a Borg, is it still a Borg?)

    Inside, the units are bright and spacious with blond wood floors, high ceilings and plenty of light. According to Curbed LA, that $100,000 discount brings the price tag to $698,000 for a two-bedroom, nearly 1,500-square-foot space. We'd love to get in good with the agents to find out who'll shell out such big bucks for a condo in this market. But what a condo it is. Plus, there's a park in the works next door. We're furiously working our calculators after taking another look at that exterior. Talk about making a statement.