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Year in Review: What It Sold For, Gold Edition



    Year in Review: What It Sold For, Gold Edition

    Curbed LA is kicking off a round of Year in Review posts, looking at the notable events, buildings, and shenanigans of 2009. First up: A look at 10 notable homes -- all New to Markets featured on the site, but listings that we never followed up on -- that sold in 2009. Of this bunch, just one sold for more than asking price. And off we go...

    1. 2411 Inverness, Los Feliz, 24-room Georgian-style manor, former home of Los Angeles Times publisher Harry Chandler
    Listed September 2008: $6.799 million
    Sold October 2009: $3.696 million


    2. Joseph Eichler-designed home in Granada Hills that was featured in a McDonald's Happy Meal television commercial. A porn shoot was rumored to have taken place in the home.
    1. Listed June 2009: $789,000
    2. Sold September 2009: $735,000


    3. 4164 Motor Ave Culver City, Home with the Saloon
    Listed March 2009: $780,000
    Sold July 2009 (probate sale): $700,000


    4. 143 N. McMcadden Place, Hancock Park, First time on the market in years.
    Listed August 2009: $2.6 million
    Sold December 2009: $1.9 million


    5. So much mustard in Bel-Air or, as one commenter once noted of this type of home: Someone put Grandma in a home!

    Listed February 2009: $1.499 million
    Sold November 2009: $992,000


    6. Shangri-La in Sherman Oaks, and what looked to be a good deal in the Valley.

    Listed in February 2009: $879,000
    Sold in June 2009: $820,000


    7. 1430 Sunset Plaza Drive, a newly designed home by NY/LA firm Assembledge+. Nice bedroom.

    Listed April 2009: $9.995 million
    Sold July 2009: $9.1 million


    8. Chapman House in Silver Lake, designed by architect L. G. Scherer in 1936. Pretty much universally loved by commenters.

    Listed February 2009: $1.849,000
    Sold April 2009: $1.890 million* (over asking)


    9. Venice House with a Pool. Notable given its prime location on the Windward Avenue, and because of the pool.

    Listed July 2009: $1.225 million
    Sold September 2009; $1.125 million* (updated)


    10. 8444 Harold Way, Hollywood Hills, Bader House, aka House with the Indoor Parking Spot
    Listed March, 2008: $6.995 million
    Sold September, 2009: $3.5 million

    We're relied on Redfin data for this post, and thankfully, they're pretty accurate.


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