Real-Looking Dinos to Roar at the Rose Bowl

"Jurassic Quest," a drive-thru adventure, will stomp back into the Crown City for a kid-cool return engagement.

Jurassic Quest

What to Know

  • "Jurassic Quest," a dinosaur-themed drive-thru
  • Rose Bowl Stadium, July 23-Aug. 1, 2021
  • $49 per vehicle (up to eight people); $80 for a larger passenger vehicle (up to 15 people)

When a dinosaur stomps back to a setting he has visited before, what might be the reason he is returning?

If we let our imagination soar as high as a pterodactyl flies, we might guess that the dinosaur in question was revisiting a water source for a cooling sip, or a tall tree with tasty leaves, or some sort of nesting situation.

But the dinos set to make a return to Rose Bowl Stadium have another purpose in mind: Delighting fans of big beasties, and giving in-vehicle visitors some realistic, get-out-the-camera 'saurus sights.

And a colossal clutch of dinosaurs do have a date with the famous football destination, thanks to the return engagement of the popular "Jurassic Quest," a dinosaur-focused experience created for people in cars.

The on-the-roll adventure called upon Pasadena at the start of 2021, staying and stomping for a large chunk of January.

Now Safari Sarah, Dino Dustin, Captain Caleb, Prehistoric Nick, and Park Ranger Marty will be back in the parking lot of the landmark stadium, complete with their upbeat and humorous antics in tow.

Joining the human crew? Prepare to encounter "more than 70 moving and life-like dinosaurs," authentically realized and sizable replicas developed in partnership with paleontologists.

Tyrannosaurus Rex is one of the main claws, er, draws, as you might have guessed, and an impressively mammoth Megalodon will show his chompers to cars rolling through the critter-crammed scene.

But there are bitty babies, too, or at least as bitty as dinosaurs get: Look for a youngster among the large-and-toothy line-up, too, as well as chances to visit with the engaging dinosaurs trainers.

The $49 ticket?

It covers your vehicle (and up to eight people inside it). Admission for a larger passenger vehicle, seating nine to 15 people, is $80.

Booking in advance is essential, and, for sure, some fans who first saw these scaly wonders in January will likely return for a fresh look ("Jurassic Quest," by the by, is an experience that can and does change a bit with each new visit).

There are three audio tours to choose from (they're part of the ticket, rrrawr), and "safari-style photo of your vehicle" is also included.

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