Recyclables + Clothing: OC Fashion Show

Applaud beautiful, creative, and often outlandish outfits, all made from "reclaimed, reused, or recycled" goods, at the Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach.

Recycling or reusing within the boundaries of our closets?

If it doesn't happen daily, we're participating in this pursuit each week, or, at the very least, every month or so.

And by "recycling or reusing" we simply mean when you reach for a belt that belongs to another outfit, or a jacket that is typically paired with a different skirt, and you easily incorporate the piece into what you're currently wearing. 

Such mix-n-matchery is at the heart of staying on a sensible clothing budget and working with what one owns, inventively.

But the annual August extravaganza in Laguna Beach, the Festival of Arts Fashion Show, takes the concept of recycling or re-imagining far further and in a much more fanciful and funky direction: "(R)eclaimed, reused, or recycled materials" are at the gorgeous and sometimes garish heart of every outfit on the runway.

The light-hearted, style-cool event, which struts on Saturday, Aug. 12, has a funny celebrity host in Kate Flannery, of "The Office," and a trend-knowledgeable celebrity judge in Melissa Biggs, of luxury travel company Indagare.

On the models? You might see strips of film forming a skirt's fringe, candy wrappers lending color, bevies of buttons adding detail, plastic bags providing texture, and twisted wire that gives the whole look extra whimsy.

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If you're staying in the area all weekend, note that the Festival of Arts is celebrating its 85th birthday on Sunday, Aug. 13 with free admission and a host of activities. 

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