Regal Cinemas LA Live: $1 Movie Mornings

Love a flick near the middle of the week? You'll save.

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How much money you'll need to see a movie is a thought you need to have well ahead of approaching the box office window.

You'll want to parse out the payment needed for a ticket, and then the dollars required for a treat. Because digging around in your pockets, mid-movie and in the dark, when you decided you wanted something sweet, is tricky (and sometimes your neighbor gets a random elbow).

But Regal Entertainment Group's Summer Movie Express makes the movie money equation very simple, at least on the box office end of things. If you go to a select movie on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, through the summer, here's what you'll need to pay: one buck.

As in 100 pennies. Ten dimes? That works, too. However you plunk your cash down, you'll be participating in a Regal Cinemas summertime tradition that hits its quarter-century mark in 2016.

Yeah, people love $1 movies. This thing just may be around forever.

The specifics? Go to Regal Cinemas LA Live Stadium 14 on a Tuesday or Wednesday morning starting on June 23 (and wrapping up on Aug. 19). Make sure the film is one you want to see -- "Paddington" and "How to Train Your Dragon 2" and "Penguins of Madagascar" are all on the cleared-for-families schedule -- and tuck that buck into your pocket.

Or bucks, if you're paying for a whole crew.

The morning matinees have a start time of 10 o'clock and a portion of the dollar entrance fee will help out the Will Rogers Institute.

That buck-to-get-in price'll leave you more money for the concession counter, where regularly priced treats await. But rather than digging for change mid-movie, why not popcorn-up ahead of the credits? There's a Zap Pack deal, with popcorn, candy, and beverage, and, again, Will Rogers Institute is a beneficiary of part of the proceeds.

And why can't popcorn be eaten before noon? It's hard to believe that some LA breakfast entrepreneur hasn't yet walked that culinary road (popcorn omelets, popcorn pancakes). Maybe these movies-in-the-morning deals will lead the way on that whimsical dining front.

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