Ren Faire: Party Like It's 1499

All the ye olde pleasures and larks shall unfold in Irwindale.

Los Angeles, being the center of some sensational costume-cool happenings, is the kind of city where you might see Spider-man walking down the street, or someone in full '30s dress, and not do the whole eye-blinking thing.

But finding a spot to rock your full suit of clanky, metal armor, or your Elizabethan hoop skirt covered in faux pearls, is slightly trickier, even in fantasy-filled LA. There is one grand go-to, a multi-weekend, huzzah-packed party where hoop skirts and castle-clanky armor rule the school.

Or, rather, the Santa Fe Dam. It's the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire, or Ren Faire, if you prefer catchier names, and it is saddling up its steed, and polishing its throne, for another annual run.

That run trots into Irwindale on Saturday, April 9 for several Saturdays and Sundays of "what ho?"-ing and "forsooth"-ing. Jousts are a centerpiece, as are royal sightings, and jests of all sorts, and the sort of entertainment you might have found in a tavern back in the early16th century, the kind with small stringed instruments and tights-wearing performers.

Numerous vendors are on the grounds, too, vending in everything from leather goods to flowery hair wreaths to jewelry that hearkens back to long, long ago in both shape and style.

As for those famous theme weekends? Ren Faire has several, including Swashbuckler Weekend, Steampunk Weekend, Celtic Weekend, and more. Costumes of the most elaborate and over-the-toppy sort are both encouraged and expected, but if you don't have one, don't be dissuaded; you'll want to attend to see all of the outrageous attire.

Final date of the 2016 gallop? That's Sunday, May 22. 

Tickets? Send your falcon in the direction of the online admission sales.

A chance to wear that Elizabeth hoop skirt somewhere? Not to be missed, especially in a town full of pop culture cons and superhero capes and villain masks and monster suits. LA is lush with cosplay opportunities, but those of an historic bent come around slightly less frequently. Don't miss your opportunities to tiara-up, if that's your royal jam.

Pictured: Dread Crew of Oddwood by Lindsey Hall, a past grand prize winner

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