Ren Faire’s Holiday-Cool Holidazzle Sale

Already wishing you were making merry at the springtime fling? It's not far off, ye olden tyme fans.

Nikki Jee

What to Know

  • Sale ends Jan. 6
  • $22.50 adult
  • Opens April 6

You may be dressed up for a holiday celebration. 

You may be wearing your sparkliest shoelaces, and your fanciest hair bow, and you could have a sweater that lights up, all to spell out spirit-raising messages of cheer.

But are you wearing a ruff? A crown? A full suit of armor, one that clanks as you stroll by the Christmas tree on the way to the punch bowl?

If not, be not blue, for the time is nearly nigh for you to do so.

Why? Because we're just over three months out, plus a handful of days, from the opening of that joust-big, queen-amazing, jester-lively lark known as the Original Renaissance Faire.

The multi-weekend ye olde festival opens on Saturday, April 6, and it will trot, like a majestic pony, right through to Sunday, May 19, each and every weekend.

How, though, to find an early deal on admission, without having to spend too many doubloons?

You can do so, right now, during Ren Faire's annual Holidazzle Sale, which shaves several dollar bills off the standard entry price. Over seven dollars, in fact, which is nothing to shake a turkey leg at: The standard adult entry is $29.95, while the Holidazzle Sale price is $22.50.

How long do you have to purchase your faire-fun admission to this ever-popular blast-from-the-(long-ago)-past party?

Through Sunday, Jan. 6, 2019, huzzah.

So wear your candy cane sweater, and stay festively fancy, but keep in mind that you'll soon be in your Elizabethan gown or your suit of armor, in the springtime, at the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area, in Irwindale.

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