Ren Faire's Holidazzle Sale Is Back to Huzzah the Holidays

The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire returns in the spring of 2022, but ye olde savings may be found far sooner.

The Original Renaissance Faire

What to Know

  • The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire's Diamond Jubilee Celebration
  • Sale dates: Nov. 24, 2021 through Jan. 3, 2022; an adult ticket is $30.75 (regularly $37); a child's ticket is $17 (regularly $22)
  • Faire dates: April 9 through May 22, 2022 (weekends only)

Completing chores, errands, and projects during the Renaissance? You can believe that most any task took some serious time.

Sewing a ruff, the kind of fancy lace collar you'd wear around your neck? Quite all-consuming, time-wise, one has to imagine.

Training for a thrilling joust tournament? Even the most skilled rider is going to have to put the work in on that one.

Likewise, awaiting the return of a Renaissance-themed event, one that unfurls, like a colorful royal pennant, over several spring weekends, must also serve as an exercise in patience.

But there is something to keep the spirits up around Southern California, if you're a longtime fan of the ye olde frolic that returns to Irwindale each year, or nearly: the annual Holidazzle Sale.

The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire ticketing event, as the quirky name implies, returns around the holidays, generously giving maidens, knights, and all medieval mavens who love attending this time-travel-y to-do an early deal on admission to the famous festival.

And huzzah, what ho, and forsooth: The sale began on the day before Thanksgiving 2021, giving Renaissance Faire fans a chance to pocket their entries nearly five months in advance.

The sale's final day? Don't "forsooth" for too long: It's Monday, Jan. 3, 2022.

The weekends-only festival returns on April 9, 2022, and trots every Saturday and Sunday through May 22.

As for the savings? We'll truck out another "huzzah" for this one: A regular adult ticket is $37, but the sale price? This is sweet as a madrigal: It's $30.75.

Adding the air of revelries? It's the event's big Diamond Jubilee Celebration.

You'll want to read about safety policies and procedures before you begin sewing your lace ruff or making your crown, so do call upon The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire site as fast as falcon flies.

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