Renaissance Magic Is Bubbling in Corona

The Koroneburg Renaissance Festival opens at the end of May, with several themed weekends to come.

Dave Fimbres Photography

Peeking inside a Southern Californian's closet, drawers, armoire, or bureau?

You might find classic board shorts, and swimsuits, and sun hats, and light-as-air frocks made for strolling in the sunshine.

But there are many locals who keep a variety of lacy ruffs, and dramatic cloaks, and beautifully made corsets on hand, splendid sartorial items that make appearances at a variety of vivacious gatherings around the region.

And when a Renaissance festival flowers over several weekends, offering as many themed weekends as a jester's hat sports bells or a flower crown holds blossoms?

Count on these ultra-fanciful, fairy-wing'd, cape-cool costume-y pieces to make several spectacular appearances.

The Koroneburg Renaissance Festival boasts a number of themed weekends, with a Market Mayhem event popping up in early June, a Pirate Weekend arrr-iving on June 11 and 12, and a Celtic and Norse Weekend scheduled for June 18 and 19.

The Corona-based bash will also present a Military Appreciation Weekend from May 28 through 30, with complimentary admission on Memorial Day for veterans and members of the military. And a Baron-fun birthday bash takes place on the festival's final weekend, which is also the last weekend of June 2022.

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As for ye olde vittles?

Prepare to snack at The Tempting Tarts, Quail's Inn, and a spirited spot pouring both beer and mead. Shopping for leather goods, musical instruments, books, mugs, and clothes is also part of the throwback (way, way back) scene, too.

Even if you've been to a number of Renaissance-themed events, the Corona celebration is unique.

"In honor of Johannes Gutenberg who made literacy and education accessible to all people with the movable type printing press, our event is set on the Rhine river on the border of France and Germany between 1450-1600," shares a statement on the event's site.

Don your favorite ye olde outfit now and secure your tickets to this merry Corona meet-up, "one of the only permanently built Renaissance Festivals in California."

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