Renovation Reveals a SoCal Building's First Façade

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J. Eric Lynxwiler
"The sign still retains some vintage, intact neon tubes and brings forth fond memories of Adohr Milk Farms, a Tarzana based dairy farm established by Merritt and Rhoda Rindge Adamson in 1916 (Adohr is Rhoda spelled backwards)," MONA shared.
J. Eric Lynxwiler
"This rare and historically significant sign retains even more meaning when it can stay on the building it has graced for nearly 100 years."
J. Eric Lynxwiler
"MONA extends gratitude to Evan, the contractor, and @howlinrays the new tenants that have announced they plan to keep the sign intact."
J. Eric Lynxwiler
What other secrets do the structures of our region hold? Have you driven down Arroyo Parkway many times, never knowing this nearly-century-old gem was just behind a more-modern wall?
J. Eric Lynxwiler
Stay tuned for Howlin' Ray's opening date and more from this surprise find.
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