Announced: The 2015 Walk of Fame Stars

Will Ferrell and Raymond Chandler are two of the upcoming honorees.

Look, we're bewitched by the stars up in the sky. Enamored, in fact. We've got nothing but kind things to say about the cosmos.

But everywhere has stars in the sky, is the fact of things, while only one place has 'em on the ground: Hollywood. Sure, sure, other cities throw down the occasional star, a star that happens to be emblazoned with a name, but it is all in homage to the one town that did it first and does it best.

Which makes the annual reveal of next year's Walk of Fame honorees a rather special date on the always crowded Tinseltown calendar.

Variety performed the trumpeting duties on Thursday, June 19. And, as always, there are some biggies ahead for 2015 -- however you define a "biggie" in EntertainmentLandia -- and some surprises and the touching posthumous nods.

Peter Jackson will get a Walk of Fame star next year, which makes us wonder if any Hobbits will show to pay tribute. The sharp-of-brain Amy Poehler is up for her bit o' the boulevard, too. Jennifer Garner shall get her own sidewalky slice of history as will Will Ferrell. And cheers, Melissa McCarthy -- we already know your "I'm honored" speech will be moving and uproarious, all at once.

Can we just assume that right now? We totally are. The Walk of Fame speeches sometimes rival Oscar thank yous in many a heart, it's true. We like that the wind is sometimes messing up the star's hair and they're squinting in the sunshine and traffic's whizzing by.

Batman creator  Bob Kane and author Raymond Chandler are 2015's posthumous star-receivers.

It's a nostalgic tradition, for sure, but one that leaves its mark, literally. For while Hollywood is known for speech-makery, and often ribbed, lots of speech-making moments don't leave a physical reminder of the day behind.

But the Walk of Stars? It's ever-present. It's always open. It's free to see and it goes on and on and on, straight into the future.

And the next stop on the future train? 2015.

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