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Ride a Virtual Sleigh Through Local Movie Locations

Slip into your snowman jammies, brew a pot of peppermint tea, and eye SoCal spots seen in famous fa, la, la flicks during a from-home tour.

My Valley Pass/Roman Valiev

What to Know

  • Saturday, Dec. 12 at 11 a.m.
  • $10 per device
  • 90 minutes

Certain regions of the country absolutely have had a ho, ho, hold on our popular imagination when it comes to classic Christmas cinema.

But Southern Californian film fanatics know the charming truth: Bedford Falls didn't magically sprout up in some quaint but distant Midwestern or New England valley, but rather in our very own Encino.

If citing the mythical town of "It's a Wonderful Life" doesn't fully sway you to the fact that Los Angeles has prettily portrayed many cities in many seasonal flicks, further proof is on the way: a virtual tour devoted to our merry megalopolis's holiday film locations.

Helmed by cine-smart guide Jared Cowan, a writer, photographer, and podcaster who has completed several exhaustive articles detailing the locations of "Halloween," "Fright Night," and other gems, The LA Holiday Virtual Tour will turn our city into a temporary snow globe of sorts.

Oh, it doesn't snow in LA, as everyone knows — well, very, very infrequently, that is — but the Dec. 12 tour will turn its sleigh in the direction of those real-life places that have served as sparkly, Santa-fied spots in the timeless films we love.

Ninety minutes of Noël-nice stop-bys are in store, with Google Maps filling out what you're looking at (in addition to photos from the films in the spotlight).

If you've ever wondered about that one house you've driven by a thousand times, if it was in that one yuletide bon bon back in the '80s, you may have your suspicions confirmed during the wide-ranging tour.

A tour that's all about you staying home, with a seasonal sip in hand, while the virtual vibes festively flow in your direction from afar.

Donning a jingle-jangle elf hat? That's up to you, but surely Clark Griswold would, or your favorite gremlin.

Your departing gift? You'll possess a most excellent understanding of LA's prominent role in some of the cinema's most sparkling, nutmeg-scented stories.

And the knowledge that various directors had to deftly frame shots to make sure our iconic palm trees didn't show, not when a house in the foreground was covered in movie snow.

A ticket? It's ten bucks per device, ho and ho and go get yours now.

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