Valentine's Day

Ring Pops and Romance? Only at California Donuts Through Valentine's Day

These Instagram-worthy treats are available starting Feb. 1

Ring Pop invites you to show your love this Valentine’s Day in the sweetest way - with a special V-Day donut from California Donuts. The iconic candy company has partnered with the LA donut shop to share their heart-shaped Ring Pop as a centerpiece on their donuts.

These creations come in a variety of colors like pink, red, and white with XOXO written on the side to let that special someone know how you feel.

California Donuts is a family-owned donut shop that’s been providing Angelenos with tasty donuts since 1982. They are so popular in fact, they have 379,000 followers on Instagram, which is exactly where they’d love for you to show some donut love this Valentine’s Day.

Ring Pop Valentine's Day Donuts are available Feb. 1 - 14 at California Donuts.

The Ring Pop Valentine’s Day Donuts are available starting Feb. 1 until Feb. 14.

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