Ring This ‘Rosy' Hotline with Your Pasadena Questions

The helpful service will again launch a few weeks ahead of the Tournament of Roses.

What to Know

  • Dec. 11-Dec. 31, 2019
  • Weekdays only, though the hotline will be open on Dec. 28 and 29
  • 877-793-9911

Showing up in a town you don't know too well, or even a town you know pretty well, during a major, millions-are-watching event can overwhelm anyone.

Questions might even arise for the locals who've lived there for decades.

And calling the Tournament of Roses a "major, millions-are-watching event"? It can feel like an understatement. It's like saying there's going to be a rather petite procession in the heart of Pasadena on the first day of the year.

So for the 36th year, the Pasadena Convention & Visitors Bureau will offer a free service to anyone who'd like to pick up a phone and ask a question.

It's the annual Visitors Hotline, and it will be available each weekday, through the end of the year, starting on Dec. 11, 2019.

Well, let's throw in a weekend, just for fun: The hotline will be hot on the Saturday and Sunday before the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl, which is no surprise and a really good idea, too.

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Have a question about how to get grandstand tickets? Or where to admire the floats after the parade? Or where a good hotel might be that is close to Colorado Boulevard, which is where so much of the parade action takes place?

Don't scratch your head too long over such notions. They're all solvable, and someone at the hotline knows where you can go.

And that number? It's 877-793-9911.

To kick it all off, members of the 2020 Rose Court will stop by to answer a few calls, as is tradition.

Tradition, of course, is very big in history-rich Pasadena, especially near the end of the year. We are, after all, about to see the 131st Rose Parade and the 106th Rose Bowl.

But just because something is well-established doesn't mean we know every last detail, even if we count ourselves as big fans.

Take a moment to ring the helpful Pasadenans staffing the Visitor Hotline, if you need to know anything during this rosy run-up to the world-famous events happening on New Year's Day. 

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