Roald Dahl Centennial: LA Eateries FêTe Author

The Pie Hole, Milk Jar Cookies, and Coolhaus all have special treats and to-dos coming up in celebration of the icon's birthday.

Centennials, as a general rule, tend to be packed with pomp, and a good deal circumstance, and oodles of highbrow happenings, and a pinch of chest-puffery, and the sorts of stuffy must-dos that are both solemn and given to heavy-handed gravitas.

None of this feels quite right for the man who gave the world Willy Wonka, and Matilda, and James (and a certain over-sized peach-hued fruit), and several other legendary characters who have leaped from their books to the big screen.

And, of course, leaped into our hearts as well. Author Roald Dahl was born a century ago, on Sept. 13, 1916, and some Southern Californian desserteries are remembering his levity-filled legacy with some in-shop parties and special treats.

The Pie Hole and Milk Jar Cookies are working with the Dahl Estate, along with Coolhaus and Knuckle & Claw, to remember Mr. Dahl and his timeless tales, tales that have let generations of children know that always toeing the line isn't as much fun as having some spirited adventure (and keeping a funny bone throughout life's foibles, too).

Look for a "Dahlicious Delights" menu at participating restaurants, with treats like the "James and the Giant Peach" cobbler cookie, Dahl-esque pies, and more nummy delights.

There are also weekend happenings, including a Roald Dahl birthday party on Saturday, Sept. 17, co-thrown by The Pie Hole and Coolhaus.

And a fizzy-fun update: Roald Dahl's granddaughter Chloe Dahl, the co-owner of oceanic favorite Knuckle & Claw West, will be at a Sunday, Sept. 18 party, which will include a reading from "The Twits" by none other than Lucy Dahl, Roald's daughter. More activities await at the seafooderie, as well as grilled cheese sandwiches complete with "worms" (which are really lobster). Cupcake goodies, more authorly doings, and Roald-esque revelry awaits.

A party at Milk Jar Cookies on Sunday, Sept. 17 will include readings, high jinks, and more happy doings, all to remember the author and his sparkly, sometimes selfish, often offbeat, often brave, incredibly smart, and forever effervescent characters.

For the full roster of Roald Dahl goings-on around Southern California, visit the Roald Dahl Day online HQ.

Pictured below: The Knuckle & Claw Grilled Cheese with Worms

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