Roam ‘La La Land' Locations via a Google Earth Tour

The location managers for the 2016 film will lead an around-town adventure, all while movie fans stay close to their digs.

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Watching movies at home?

It's a time-honored tradition that involves you, your jammies, your snacks, your favorite couch pillow, and maybe also a pillow from your bed, a pet at your side, and a flick that makes you feel good, scared, sad, or a little of everything.

But taking a movie tour at home?

That's rather trickier, as movie tours involve locations, and some of the most famous film locations are, we'll wager, not in your home, or ours, or anyone else's.

But something rather unusual is going to happen in this realm on the first day of May.

That's when Robert Foulkes and Tristan Daoussis, the location managers for 2016's "La La Land," will lead a tour of the LA-affectionate movie's many Los Angeles locations in a most modern way.

Nope, the film pros won't be standing at the front of a tour bus or van, with mics in hand. Rather, they'll turn to Google Earth, which means that people at home can follow along, and explore some of our city's most cinematic spots, all by firing up their nearest screen.

The event is part of Discover LA's "Magic Hour" digital campaign, which as become all about shining the love on our town during the time of COVID-19.

You can RSVP here for this stay-at-home spin on an on-the-go, everyone-on-the-van movie locations tour

The 12:30 p.m. online event, which will "visit" spots seen in the romance film, including Hermosa Beach Pier, Colorado Street Bridge, and Griffith Observatory, isn't the only "La La Land" treat that May 1 is delivering.

Tune in at 6 p.m. for a "La La Land" screening on Youtube, part of the "Lionsgate Live! A Night at the Movies," which is co-hosted by Fandango.

Jamie Lee Curtis will host the May 1 event, which will "... benefit the Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation, which is dedicated to helping workers throughout the motion picture industry and is currently providing financial assistance to furloughed theater employees."

If you'd like to donate and help workers while enjoying the film, good news: You can find the a link to do so on the screening's Youtube page.

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