Roam the ‘Disney Universe' at a Treasure-Filled Auction

A galaxy of gems will be on the block, including original artwork, signs, memorabilia, and furniture, too.

Van Eaton Galleries

What to Know

  • "Exploring the Disney Universe" at Van Eaton Galleries
  • Dec. 3 and 4, 2022
  • An auction preview is on through Dec. 2 at the auction house in Studio City

The number "100" will be popping up quite a bit on, in, and around Disney-related happenings in the year to come, thanks to the fact that the Walt Disney Company is entering into its celebratory centenary.

Van Eaton Galleries, the Southern California auction house that's become synonymous with vintage Disneyland and Disney-everything-else treasures, with retro signs, park tickets, costumes, and more going on the block, has that "100"-style spirit.

And to honor it? The longtime repository of Disney delights is "Exploring the Disney Universe" in its newest auction.

A caboodle of amazing finds, goodies that span the better part of a century, will be up for bidding during the company's "largest auction of the year," with "original animation artwork from "The Skeleton Dance" original Mary Blair artwork, animation desks, rare Disneyland tickets, props, posters, signage" in the spotlight.

Peek at what's going to be up for fan-pleasing grabs at the Dec. 3 and 4 event, or swing by to see some of these magical finds in person, through Dec. 2, at the auction house's new Studio City location.

A collection of three items from the Mickey Mouse Club. (photo: Van Eaton Galleries)
Rare Technicolor Mickey Mouse Original Stock Poster. (photo: Van Eaton Galleries)
Snow White Ceramic Breakfast Set (16 pieces). (photo: Van Eaton Galleries)
A Nautilus model from "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea." (photo: Van Eaton Galleries)
An original production cel from "The Little Mermaid."
"A rare Walt Disney Studio-used "Kem Weber-like" Animator's desk from the Disney Feature Animation Studio in Orlando. This style desk was used by lead animators and seen in use by the artists in the Animation Tour walk thru at the Disney MGM Studios." (photo: Van Eaton Galleries)
A "rare" 1956 plot plan of Disneyland (photo: Van Eaton Galleries)
Other treasures, like this complimentary pass from long ago, are part of the collection. See everything that's up for auction over the first weekend of December 2022 at the Van Eaton Galleries site now.
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